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Rick Santorum IS Our Man

@ 10:30 PM (35 months, 9 days ago)

Rick is the man for America - the opposite of what the skank thinks is ALWAYS right.


sooner blue remains a skank

@ 06:34 PM (40 months, 12 days ago)


certainly not a smart skank either.



no doubt about it, s**ner blew is a skank

@ 12:01 AM (43 months, 4 days ago)


on a GOOD day


s**ner blew is a skank a skank a skank

@ 12:00 AM (43 months, 4 days ago)


that's right, s**ner blew is a skank



Gia DiMarco Does Ed

@ 10:27 PM (46 months, 14 days ago)


Gia DiMarco is meeting her boyfriend's son for the first time and it won't be something either of them forget soon. After he sees what she's planning to wear to the country club, he refuses to bring her. Gia explains that it's his dad's favorite dress and

Gia paid ME



jayden james "tricks" Ed

@ 12:24 AM (46 months, 26 days ago)


Hey, where did my Blackberry go?



Geraldine Ferraro DEAD

@ 09:33 PM (46 months, 27 days ago)


Married to a white collar criminal, loser in politics over and over again and another democratic erradicated.



Anonymous Trolls Are Gutless Jackasses

@ 01:14 PM (47 months, 11 days ago)


You know who you are (and I'm not referring to the brave souls who are outting s**ner blew the skank and jamie the gayass spammer and they are aptly called).  I'm talking about anonymous chickenshit commenters.  Put your real email and IP addresses in your BS comments or shut up.  s**ner blew the skank and jamie the gayass spammer as the dedicated souls who are outting them refer to the lowlifes are beneath contempt and not worth my valuable time.



Lucky Woman Gets Drilled by Ed

@ 04:22 PM (48 months, 8 days ago)


Ed still has plenty of juice left


Katie Morgan Gets the Ed Treatment

@ 04:22 PM (48 months, 8 days ago)


and begs Ed to marry her, yeah right


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